Adventurous Photoshoots

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We specialize in capturing adventurous moments for families, seniors, and maternity shoots against the breathtaking backdrop of Colorado.

Our goal is to create unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones, showcasing the beauty of nature and the unique bond within your family.

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Whether it’s exploring scenic trails, frolicking in wildflower meadows, or embracing the stunning mountain vistas, our team of experienced photographers will create stunning and heartfelt images that truly reflect your adventurous spirit.

Let us guide you through an unforgettable photoshoot experience, tailored to your unique vision and capturing the joy and love that shines within your family, during this special time in your life. 

Our Reviews

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Pricing & Packages

The Display Package

For pictures around the house
$ 149
  • 10: 4x6 Lustre Prints
  • 5: 8x10 or 10 5x7 Prints
  • Digital Downloads

The Mailer Package

For those with a lot of letters to send
$ 299
  • 10: 4x6 Lustre Prints
  • 15: 8up Wallet Lustre Prints
  • 5: 8x10 or 10 5x7 Prints

The Acrylic Package

You want your pictures to pop
$ 449
  • 10: 4x6 Lustre Prints
  • 5: 8x10 or 10 5x7 Prints
  • 1: 11x14 Acrylic Print

The CanvasPackage

Display your fine art pieces
$ 499
  • 10: 4x6 Lustre Prints
  • 5: 8x10 or 10 5x7 Prints
  • 1: 16x20 Fine Art Canvas

A La Carte Options

You can create your own custom packages. The larger the package, the bigger the discount. 

Get 10% off your order of $300 or more, 20% off of your order of $500 or more and 30% off your order of $1000 or more. 

Have additional questions before you book?

Contacting us is easy and can be done via the form below, or directly at Expect a response within 24 hours and don’t be afraid to ask any questions. Our prices are flexible depending on your situation and location also. The more information you provide, the better it will be for us to help plan your session. 

Behind the Camera

Hello there! We are excited to introduce ourselves as we have waited for almost 10 years to finally be where we are today. We are the Phelps brothers, Mitchell and Brendan. Your Colorado Wedding Photographers. We have been passionate about capturing the beauty of nature and world heritage ever since we went to our first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To us, there’s nothing more exhilarating than embarking on an adventure to a location we have never been to before and capturing the perfect shot that encapsulates the essence of the experience. Whether it’s hiking through mountains, eating exotic food, or diving in the ocean, we are always on the lookout for the perfect moment to capture.  Learn more about Brendan here and Mitchell here

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