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Mitchell & Brendan Phelps
April 22, 2021
Family Pictures

Each session we organize is unique. We may be take them in a studio or on location, I try to have a mix between posed and candid shots. I want to capture memories and celebrate the relationships within your family.

I will work with you all to pose in ways that are flattering and natural. They may also capture candid shots of your family interacting and having fun (I’ll try to prompt it lol). Of course let me know if you have a preference of what kind of style you like!

Let me know if this family photoshoot  is to mark a special occasion such as a milestone birthday or a holiday, or if this is simply to have updated photographs of your family.

Regardless of the reason, a family photoshoot is a great way to capture memories and celebrate the bond between family members.

if you have pricing/budget concerns I am sure I can work with you. Let me know and shoot me an e-mail!

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Mitchell & Brendan Phelps
April 22, 2021
Professional Headshots

When preparing for a headshot photoshoot, I take the time to carefully plan and prepare in order to ensure that the final images are of the highest quality and meet the needs of the client. This includes communicating with the client beforehand to discuss their specific goals and needs for the photoshoot, as well as researching and gathering inspiration to help me come up with creative ideas.

On the day of the shoot, I arrive early to set up and make sure everything is in place. I take the time to get to know the client and put them at ease, as this helps to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for the photoshoot. During the shoot, I focus on capturing natural and authentic images that showcase the client’s unique personality and character.

What sets me apart as a professional photographer is my ability to connect with my clients and create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for the photoshoot. I am also highly skilled in lighting and composition, which allows me to capture high-quality, professional headshot images that my clients can use for a variety of professional purposes.

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